Want to take your computer system to the next level in terms of speed and performance? Check out the best LGA 1155 CPU list here. A computer system’s speed, efficiency, and performance are all determined by the CPU.

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However, it can be confusing to determine which CPU is best for LGA 1155, particularly if it’s your first time. Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to handpick the best 1155 processors for Intel Core i7, Intel Core i5, and Intel Core i3 to simplify your search.

Intel supports two full generations and one full cycle of CPUs in the LGA 1155 socket, which means there are many compatible models to choose from. So, Microarchitectures Sandy Bridge and Ivy Bridge are both possible to choose from.

You can only ask yourself that question when you’ve been using the same motherboard for over 10 years. If you’re considering retiring your old CPU, take a look at our selection of the five best LGA 1155 processors before saying goodbye.

The following are our best picks of LGA 1155 processor list.

1. Intel Core I7-3770K – Best LGA 1155 CPU for Gaming

best lga 1155 cpu

The Intel i7-3770K is your best choice if you’re determined not to fall behind in gaming or general computing., because it features 4 cores and 8 threads, multitasking is no problem for this processor. You’ll even be able to run some pretty advanced graphic software and games without any problems. As an Ivy Bridge unit, it has held its price very well over the last few years, so if you need to breathe some life into an aging motherboard, this is the processor you need!

In essence, Intel’s Core i7-3770K processor is the best LGA 1155 processor on the market. The Ivy Bridge series is based on the Ivy Bridge blueprint, which promises slightly faster performance, lower energy consumption, and enhanced security features over Sandy Bridge.

The i7-3770K features the best of the 2nd and 3rd generation cores, while the other LGA 1155 CPUs have a maximum of four cores. In addition to providing faster per-core performance than most other LGA 1155 CPUs, they also feature hyperthreading, which can facilitate massive multitasking. You won’t be disappointed with the i7-3770K if you appreciate versatility in a PC. This is the best LGA 1155 CPU for gaming.

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Product Description

  • 4 Cores 8 Threads Intel Core i7-3770K Processor.
  • 8 MB L3 shared cache.
  • LGA1155 socket.
  • Supports up to 32GB of memory through two memory channels.

2. Intel Core I7-3770 – Best LGA 1155 CPU

best lga 1155 cpu for gaming

This processor offers a wide range of features and is reasonably priced. You can also run tons of games and applications much faster thanks to its turbo technology that increases based clock speed from 3.4GHz to 3.9GHz.

With the 22nm transistor, the performance of this Intel CPU increased by 37% while power consumption was reduced by 50%. So, even at a lower voltage, this processor is capable of delivering great performance. Clock speeds are increased from 3.4GHz to 3.8GHz using turbo boost technology. This best intel LGA 1155 CPU lets you enjoy gaming on good framerates.

The Intel Core i7-3770 CPU is the perfect upgrade for gamers looking for a low-cost CPU upgrade because at its budget-friendly price point, there are few processors that can match the performance and speed of this processor.

Your gaming experience is seamless thanks to Intel Quick Sync Video and AVX (Advanced Vector Extensions). Take advantage of File Transfers up to 5 GT/s with DMI (Direct Media Interface). This processor is also good for gaming and it is best LGA 1155 CPU for streaming

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Product Description

  • Clock Speed: 3.4 GHz
  • Maximum Turbo Frequency: 3.9 GHz.
  • DMI: 5 GT/s
  • Intel Smart Memory Cache: 8 MB
  • Maximum Memory Bandwidth: 25.6 GB
  • Base Graphics Frequency: 650 MHz

3. Intel Core I7-2600 – Budget Friendly Best LGA 1155 CPU

i7 lga 1155 best cpu

This i7 LGA 1155 processor is one of the most efficient LGA 1155 CPUs on the market, this Intel Core i7-2600 offers a collection of interesting features. The price is reasonable. This is the best lga 1155 CPU for gaming and video purposes. This CPU dissipates less heat because it has a low TDP (Thermal Design Power) of 95watts. Low voltage performance is also superb.

This processor also comes with 8MB L3 smart cache, you can easily and quickly transfer massive files. Hyper-Thread technology is another addition that turns heads. Multiple apps can be opened simultaneously without compromising the graphical quality.

This CPU has been designed to deliver outstanding performance while consuming fewer energy thanks to Intel SpeedStep technology. Consequently, if you’re looking for a CPU with a high level of efficiency, the Intel Core i7-2600 is what you want. With a clock speed of 3.4GHz, this CPU can handle several larger games with ease. This processor is the best budget CPU for LGA 1155 socket. This is the best budget lga 1155 CPU for gaming and graphics in 2021.

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Product Description

  • Its optimized graphics and faster turbo boost deliver high performance for demanding applications with the Intel® Core® i7 3.40 GHz processor.
  • Installed on the PCB is Socket H2 LGA-1155 for instant data access.
  • Integrated Level 3 cache of 8 MB allows instant access to frequently used data.
  • Based on 32 nm technology with a high-k metal gate to enable higher performance transistors on the same node and reduce current leakage

4. Intel Core I5-3570 – Best LGA 1155 CPU for Gaming and Editing

best intel lga 1155 cpu

This is a single-thread quad-core CPU, which may turn off some gamers, but this is also its strongest point. While this chip’s single-thread cores excel at focused tasks, the gaming performance is similar to our two best cards. The i5-3570 offers the maximum performance for a standalone gaming CPU, so if you’re just looking for a CPU to play modern games, this will be enough. Well, this is one of the best lga 1155 CPU processor.

It may seem like our first I5 offering is on the modest side, but wait until you see what it is capable of in real-life gaming applications. With a half-decent GPU, it will easily achieve the desired 60 frames per second in 1080p resolutions. Even at 1440p on high settings, it holds the 50fps threshold.

As long as you don’t overload it, the single-thread cores will perform exceptionally well, particularly for a card that costs less than $100. That is one of the best i5 CPU for LGA 1155 socket.

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Product Description

  • Quad-core 4 Core processor.
  • 64bit supported processor.
  • DMI – 5 GT/s
  • 4 Threads

5. Intel Core i5-3470 – Best Cheap LGA 1155 CPU

best lga 1155 cpu for gaming and graphics

Intel’s Core i5-3470 CPU runs at 3.2GHz, but with Turbo Boost Technology it can achieve 3.6GHz. Considering the price, its performance is excellent. At 77W, the TDP (thermal design power) is one of the highest for CPUs at this price point. This processor has four cores, so it’ll meet your multitasking needs.

The Intel Core i5-3470 LGA 1155 is one of the most powerful budget-friendly processors available at this price point because it can enable your computer to boot up smoothly and run a variety of games smoothly.

In most everyday situations, this LGA 1155 CPU is a good choice. Reduced energy consumption means you won’t be increasing your electricity bill. Despite its age on the market, the Core i5-3470K has still proven to be one of the best values in the market today. The Intel Core I5 3470 is the best value LGA 1155 CPU processor because it is not expensive and it gives good performance in gaming and multitasking.

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Product Description

  • 4 Cores 4 Threads Processor.
  • 2 Max Memory Channels.
  • Max Memory Bandwidth is 25.6 GB/s.
  • Intel HD 2500 Graphics Chipsets.

6. Intel Core I5-2500 – Best Cheap LGA 1155 CPU

best lga 1155 cpu for gaming and video

The Intel Core I5-2500 processor is quad-core, so there are no problems. With high settings, the single-thread design can pump out playable frame rates in 1080p. Also, if you’re looking for an all-arounder chip, you may want to reconsider the hyperthreaded options if the i5 isn’t ideal for concurrent workloads.

With its 3.5GHz sweet spot in the middle of its 3.3GHz base and 3.7GHz boost frequencies, the clock speeds are impressive. You will be able to play roughly 71% of the top 1000 games on the 3.3GHz base, but you have to activate Turbo Boost Technology through your BIOS.

In our opinion, Sandy Bridge’s building blocks differ most from those of Ivy Bridge because of their power consumption. This means that the case gets hotter since 95 watts are drawn. So this was the LGA 1155 list of processors.

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Product Description

  • 4 Cores 4 Threads Processor.
  • 2 Max Memory Channels.
  • LGA 1155 Socket Supported.
  • 3.3ghz processor speed.

What Should I Look for When Buying an LGA 1155 CPU?

To decide which LGA 1155 CPU is best for you, you should consider the following:

Socket Connectivity:

Your CPU is connected to your motherboard by a socket. To make sure that the motherboard and CPU are compatible, you must check the compatibility. They are not only physically connected but also electrically. It should be easy for the CPU to connect to the motherboard socket as the compatibility should be based on that.


The short form of gigahertz is GHz. Your CPU’s speed is determined by its frequency. GHz is measured in cycles per second. You should find a processor with more cycles per second so your gaming experience is more efficient.


The cache is a term used to describe the memory of your processor. For temporary storage, the cache serves as faster memory. Caches are usually small, so if you get a bigger cache, you’ll be able to recover large amounts of information faster. In the gaming world, data recovery is essential.

Thermal Scheme Power:

You can interpret the amount of heat generated by your CPU using the Thermal Scheme Power feature. So, if you want your processor to perform well, protect it from overheating. You can buy CPU coolers for your CPU too.

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the Difference Between Socket 1150 and 1155?

The LGA 1150 is a successor of the 1155 socket. The 1150 socket supports the new fourth and fifth-generation Intel processors, while the 1155 socket was built for the second and third-generation Intel chips. The 1150 socket is based on the Haswell microarchitecture, and the 1155 socket is based on the Ivy Bridge microarchitecture.  

LGA 1155 supports DDR4?

The LGA 1155 motherboards cannot support DDR4 memory because when they were produced, DDR3 was the newest version available, and that’s what they support. 

Will an LGA 1155 Fit an 1151? 

That won’t work because each socket has a different number of pins and a different function. So, You may end up damaging the CPU if you use a different socket with a different processor.

Final Words

It will be more enjoyable to use your computer system if you install the best LGA 1155 CPU. Also the CPU-hungry applications and games will run without any lag. Additionally, you will be more productive and spend less time on tasks with such an upgrade. The best CPU for your PC should be the top priority for avid gamers, video editors, graphic editors, video animators, or office workers. Processors that are listed above are excellent both for gamers and for office users. The lga 1155 CPUs are budget friendly and perform well. You can also read the article about AMD Ryzen vs FX here.