Video games are one of those pastimes that seem to be gaining more popularity with each passing year. The hobby might have been one that was looked down upon in the past, but thanks to the growth of the industry, the stance has changed a lot.

The fact that you have esports as a thriving industry is another indication that video games are more than just a meaningless pastime. Some people, especially while they are still young, dream of becoming professional players. A career playing video games is worth pursuing, but it takes a lot of effort to make it when the competition is so fierce

If you have aspirations and see yourself as someone who has what it takes to become a professional player, start now. And use this article to help you get the basics down.

Things to Become Better at Playing Video Games

You can learn about some of the important aspects that will make you a better player in video games in the following paragraphs.

Professional Setup

Let’s start with what should be quite obvious. You need to have a proper setup if you want to get better at video games and compete at the highest level. Professionals have teams behind them, and it is much easier to focus on your gameplay when there are managers and organizations taking care of you. For someone who is only starting, the situation is a bit different.

You will not have sponsors giving you free gaming accessories like mice and keyboards. No, get in the mindset of needing to cover these things yourself. From buying the necessary gaming accessories to choosing the right computer, it takes time and money, but these things are inevitable if you want to become a pro. You could even consider taking an unconventional approach and go for a mac gaming setup rather than an MS Windows computer.

Why would one consider this? Well, while MacBooks are not the go-to option for most gamers, there are still arguments in favor of macOS. Other than the computer and related accessories, you will also want a reliable internet connection. Competitive gaming happens online, and if you encounter high ping and packet loss, do not expect to succeed.


The odds of your success as a gamer depend on how much time you can dedicate to it. Those who make it will tell you that most of the time in their day is dedicated to gaming. Of course, if you cannot dedicate 10 or 12 hours a day, it does not mean that you should give up the idea of becoming a professional gamer

How you use the available time is arguably more important than how much time you have available to you. If possible, get up early and finish all your non-gaming chores early so you can free up your day and spend more time playing video games.

Try to find a balance between how much time you spend in front of a computer’s screen and how much time you spend doing other things. Sitting in front of a computer all day is not good for your health, and taking a break or picking up sports would be a nice change of pace.

The bottom line is that you have to work out a schedule that works for you and is not too demanding or damaging to your health.

Study of the Gameplay

Most video games have a replay feature. It is efficient to study your own replays because you have an easier time spotting mistakes. Playing in real-time and realizing that you did something wrong is great, but you also need to look at the gameplay from a bigger picture.

Besides your own gameplay, you should also study the gameplay of others. Once you become a pro, you will realize that studying your opponents and learning their patterns is part of the process.

Overall, it is necessary to keep up with gaming-related news, what is happening in the industry and your game, and what your opponents are up to. The study of replays, be it your own content or gameplay of others, is not an exception.

Competitive Environment

Do not expect to become a professional gamer if you are only playing public matches. No, you need a competitive environment, and the sooner you start, the sooner you will move up a level and get closer to your dream. For someone new, there might be few to no opportunities to find competitive games. Hardly anyone will invite an unknown player to a LAN tournament.

You will need to start slow. Begin your journey by entering small online tournaments. These tournaments might not be much, but they are still different from public matches.

Participation in tournaments will let you meet other players and experience what it is like to actually compete in a different environment. And who knows, you get lucky and win or place high enough to get noticed by others, and it might lead to better opportunities in the future.


So these were the tips and tricks to become better at playing games. The most important thing is that you can play against bots to improve your accuracy and one-tap game. Once you are comfortable with playing solo matches, you can move on to playing against real players.

Asad Malik
My name is Asad Malik, and I have done my intermediate in Computer Science, and I really enjoy finding out about the newest tech products, buying them, and writing reviews on them.