7 Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k

Are you looking for the best CPU cooler for i9 9900k? If so, then this is the article for you. We are going to discuss the best CPU cooler for the i9 9900k today. Which CPU cooler will keep your processor cooler? Here is our review of the best CPU Cooler for the i9 9900K. Among the most powerful processors currently on the market, the i9 9900k cannot be denied. If you use this processor, you will certainly have the best rigs around. I would not exaggerate if I stated that it was the fastest and most updated processor. You should consider getting the latest processor, regardless of whether you are just a casual gamer or a game enthusiast. Nevertheless, the i9 9900k tends to heat up quickly, which raises the temperature inside.

Cooling systems for CPUs have become a necessity since time began. If they are not properly cooled, the CPUs would begin to burn. That is why CPU coolers have always been used by gamers and professionals in demanding fields. CPU coolers help keep a computer’s central processing unit (also called the processor) cool. It’s used to help keep the temperature of the CPU down while it’s working. In your PC, CPU coolers are designed to dissipate heat generated by the processor. This cooling component allows the heat generated by these critical parts to be dispersed to the outside without damaging the computer hardware.

Recommendations For The Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900K

i9 9900k cooler

Noctua NH-D15

Best Noctua Air Cooler for I9 9900K


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5.91 x 6.34 x 6.5 inches | Brand: Noctua | Power Connector Type: 4-pin | Voltage: 12 Volts | Cooling Method: Fan | Noise Level: 24.6 dB | Maximum Rotational Speed: 1500 RPM |


Outstanding cooling performance

Runs quietly

Well rounded bundle

Good RAM clearance


The color brown and beige is not good


Built on the basis of the legendary Noctua NH-D14 and carrying on its quest for ultimate quiet cooling performance. This NOCTUA NH-D15 dual tower cooler is an elite-class model for those who demand the best cooling on a good budget. This is one of the best i9 9900k coolers. The Noctua NH-D15 is a tower-type CPU cooler that has several improvements over its predecessor. The heat pipes have been directly soldered to the copper base rather than being covered with aluminum caps or thermal paste. It comes with two 140 mm fans. Thanks to its large fan, the heatsink is not only big and heavy but also very quiet in operation.

There is no doubt that this CPU cooler will be of great interest to those who are seeking the best cooling performance and quiet operation. In addition to its dual-tower design, it also features six heat pipes. In order to ensure optimal airflow performance at low speeds and lower noise levels, the NH-D15 features two high airflow PWM fans that deliver maximum airflow performance at a low speed. There is no matter if you use your CPU at idle or at full load, the two fans included in your CPU will ensure optimal cooling performance and a quiet operation at all times. Aside from that, the base of this CPU cooler is compatible with the Intel LGA 2066/2011 sockets. There is no doubt that this Cooler qualifies as one of the Best CPU Coolers for the i9 9900k processor in the world.  

Amazon Product Description:

  • With its dual-tower design, the NH-D15 offers class-leading cooling performance for overclocking and near-silent operation.
  • The NH-D15 has won over 250 awards from leading international hardware sources.
  • With PWM support and Low-Noise Adaptors, these high-performance 140mm fans will automatically adjust speed and noise.
  • It includes high-performance thermal paste and a mounting system that can easily be installed on Intel and AMD processors.

best aio for 9900k

DEEPCOOL Assassin III Air CPU Cooler

Best CPU Fan for I9 9900K


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 6.34 x 5.51 x 6.5 inches | Brand: DEEP COOL | Wattage: 280 watts | Cooling Method: Air | Material: Copper | Noise Level: 34.2 dB |


Jaw-dropping performance

Excellent engineering all around

Easy to install


It’s a bit noisy

Some might find the design a bit generic

Assassin III’s minimalistic style includes designs such as symmetrical twin towers, elegant cooler shrouds, and a minimalistic design. The Deepcool Assassin III can be considered the ultimate stealth cooler in the market. The Assassin III comes with two 120 mm fans with an RGB system that can be controlled by the motherboard’s UEFI or via software. There is also a dust filter and three different settings for adjusting fan speed on the Assassin III.

In addition to being efficient and powerful, Assassin CPU coolers allow your hardware to run at its best, so you can get the most from it. This cooler is designed for users who demand a device that works quietly and efficiently while being convenient to use. With this cooling system, you will be able to achieve maximum cooling efficiency thanks to advanced Heatpipe technology. With seven heat pipes along with a pair of 140mm performance fans, this cooler will keep your system cool and running smoothly. Consequently, your computer runs more efficiently and thus is able to perform at a higher level. The cooler also has a sinter Heatpipe technology that makes it even more efficient.

The Assassin III is one of the best coolers on the market if you want to maximize the performance of your hardware. As long as you put this cooler on your system, you will be able to keep it cool no matter what the weather is like. In addition to having a six-year warranty on the Assassin III, one of the best things about it is that it is available at a reasonable price. Although it is not the best CPU cooler for the i9 9900k, it is one of the best. Overall it’s one the Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k.

Amazon Product Description:

  • It features 7 heat pipes and dual 140mm performance fans.
  • The clearance for the RAM is 54mm.
  • Fan blades with two layers that boost airflow up to 2.5 m3/min.
  • The cover is made of nickel and has a mirror finish. Its spoiler is made of obsidian-like material.

best air cooler for i9 9900k

Scythe Fuma 2

Best CPU Air Cooler for I9 9900K


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 51.57 x 60.83 x 53.94 inches | Brand: Scythe | Voltage: 12 Volt | Cooling Method: Air | Noise Level: 1dB | Maximum Rotational Speed: 1400 | Material: Copper |


Fantastic performance

Just 155mm tall

Extremely quiet

Easy installation


Taller than the Fuma

The nickel-plated base still shows signs of machining

It is a great cooler that has an excellent build quality and is very competitively priced as well. The air cooler ticks all the right boxes for me as a CPU air cooler, but I am a little disappointed by how loud it is when running. Despite the fact that it does not produce a great deal of noise on its own, the three fans that are inside it are quite distracting, especially if you’re trying to listen to music or watch a movie at the same time. I would say that this is a great budget air cooler all around.

If you are trying to get the most out of your hardware, the scythe fuma 2 is a great choice. This cooler is capable of keeping your system cool no matter what. Additionally, it includes two 120mm fans on a single Flex fan hub with a dual-fan configuration for better airflow and performance. Because of its best cooling performance. Due to its excellent performance, it’s added into Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900k.

Amazon Product Description:

  • It is 15% better than the noise-to-performance ratio.
  • FUMA2 has advanced to the next level. Heat dissipation is accelerated and enhanced by dual heatsinks and fans.
  • Due to the asymmetric design, any front RAM slot can be used, and the cut-out fin design gives clearance of the rear RAM slot (55mm).
  • In addition to Kaze Flex 120mm fans (Fluid Dynamic Bearing), FUMA2 uses two PWM fans of different thicknesses (25mm & 15mm) rotating in opposite directions.
  • HPMS III Premium is easy to install and secure.

best liquid cooler for i9 9900k


Best Air Cooler for I9 9900K


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 5.3 x 5.7 x 6.4 inches | Brand: Be quiet! | Power Connector Type: 4-pin PWM | Wattage: 125 | Cooling Method: Fan | Noise Level: 24.3 dB | Material: Copper | | : | : |



Amazing cooling

Dual fan setup


A bit large

The Dark Rock Pro 4 is an advanced Heatpipe cooler that is extremely compact and features high-performance and quiet cooling. Dark Rock Pro 4 offers stylish and elegant aesthetics for your PC, however, it is made with the highest quality materials in Germany and uses the most advanced production techniques. This heat pipe cooler has seven high-performance copper heat pipes. A pair of virtually inaudible Silent Wings PWM fans with a patented blade design combined with powerful airflow maximize cooling.

Thanks to its exclusive Zero Frozr technology, which has a fan stop function, this cooler is virtually inaudible. The backlight RGB LED is also compatible with the Asus Aura Sync lighting system. The Dark Rock Pro 4 is also very quiet and offers advanced performance. ZeroFrozr technology minimizes noise even when operating at high speeds.

Dark Rock Pro 4 also offers the incredible cooling performance of 250W TDP and virtually silent operation. The Dark Rock Pro 4 is ideal for overclocked systems and demanding workstations. The Dark Rock 4 has an RGB LED that is compatible with the Asus Aura Sync lighting system. With its compact and slim design, it fits in any case or motherboard. Furthermore, Dark Rock 4 comes with a patented dust-proof fan design, which ensures high cooling efficiency. No doubt that Dark Rock 4 is the best air cooler for i9 9900k.

Amazon Product Description:

  • Silent Wings PWM fans are virtually inaudible.
  • The front air pressure fan frame shaped like a funnel generates only 24.3 dB(a) when running at maximum speed.
  • A copper heat pipe system with seven high-performance parts.

best cooler for 9900k

Arctic Liquid Freezer II

Best Liquid Cooler for I9 9900K


Brand: ARCTIC | Air Flow Capacity: 72.8 cc/min | Compatible Devices: Intel Socket: 1700, AMD Socket: AM4 | Cooling Method: Water | Noise Level: 0.3 Sones | Maximum Rotational Speed: 1700 RPM |


You can also control the fan via PVM.

It consumes less power when no cooling is required and generates less noise than most competitors.



The NZXT Kraken Z73 Water Cooling system is designed for PC enthusiasts who want to push the envelope in terms of performance. Thanks to Its advanced cooling technology, which is configurable to different modes, however, it allows it to deliver amazing performance. Up to 1.845W of total cooling power.

With a noise level of only 38-60 dBA, this CPU water cooler is an energy-efficient way to cool your system. This means the Kraken Z73 is great for those who want to overclock their processors. This is a great CPU cooler if you want to overclock your Intel i9 9900k processor. It lowers the heat transfer between the processor and the heatsink, also the NZXT Kraken Z73 Water Cooling system keeps the CPU temperatures low. This is one of the best liquid coolers for i9 9900k.

In terms of CPU cooling, this is one of the best air coolers on the market. A unique feature of the Kraken Z73 is that it operates at a low noise level and offers efficient cooling. The advanced cooling technology of this product can be configured in different modes to meet the needs of each individual customer.

Amazon Product Details:

  • AIO water fan coolers like the ARCTIC Liquid Freezer II have less efficient cool plates, pumps, and radiators.
  • Regulator temperature remains 15°C LOWER:
  • You can also control the fan via PVM.
  • When no cooling is needed, the pump clocks down, consuming less power also it generates less noise than most of the competitors.
  • Maintenance-free water loop.

best cooler for i9 9900k

Cooler Master Hyper 212 Black Edition

Best Budget CPU Cooler for I9 9900K


Item Dimensions LxWxH: 4.7 x 3.1 x 6.3 inches | Brand: Cooler Master | Power Connector Type: 4-Pin | Cooling Method: Fan | Noise Level: 26 dB | Air Flow Capacity: 42 Cubic Feet Per Minute | Material: Metal |



Smart fan sensor to prevent jamming


The RGB light is a bit annoying

The Hyper 212 Black Edition is a solid performer for CPU cooling. The heatsink combines the advantages of a heat pipe and direct contact heatsink with the advantages of a fan-based heatsink, all without sacrificing performance, efficiency, or aesthetics. By using the special fin array, the motherboard is able to reach critical areas with 60% higher airflow and maximum heat dissipation.

The Hyper 212 is one of the best air cooling solutions for computers. You’ll find it to be reliable, affordable, and an all-around high performer. It has 12 heat pipes, making it compete with some of the best water cooling units available. It is one of the best budget CPU coolers for intel i9 9900K in 2022.

The Hyper 212 Black Edition is a high-performance and affordable CPU cooler. It can deliver a maximum cooling capacity of 100W TDP with just one 120mm fan. The CPU fan is also compatible with Intel’s LGA 2011/1155/1156/1366 and Intel’s LGA 2066 sockets.  It’s a low noise CPU cooler that has been constructed with the latest technologies, giving it an overall performance of 91 dB at full load. The Coolermaster Hyper 212 Black Edition is the best aio for 9900k.

Amazon Product Description:

  • Direct contact technology of the 4 Heat Pipes effectively dissipates heat well.
  • A stacked fin array ensures minimum airflow resistance allowing for cooler airflow into your heat sink.
  • You can customize colors and effects with the wired RGB LED controller.
  • Smart fan sensor for jam protection
  • A simple and intuitive fan bracket design simplifies installation and replacement

Things to consider before buying the Best CPU Cooler for i9 9900K

Consider the following factors before buying a CPU cooler for an Intel i9 9900k.

Air vs Liquid: Choosing whether to use air and fans to cool your CPU or a liquid loop is the main decision you’ll need to make.

For serious overclockers who like to tinker just as much as they like playing games, liquid AIO cooling is a better thermal solution than fans. However, liquid cooling can be quite costly.

Compared to air cooling systems, fan cooling systems tend to be less efficient, but they’re cheaper, and if they’re properly designed, they’ll still do a great job of keeping your CPU cool.

Socket: The issue of compatibility isn’t just with motherboards and CPUs, but with anything you wish to connect to your motherboard as well. For your thermal solution to work, it needs to have the correct socket.

Many coolers have universal attachments that work with most modern motherboards, but some are designed specifically for one type of socket. You should always keep your motherboard socket in mind when shopping around and never buy a cooling system until you have seen a list of the cooling system’s compatible sockets.

Dimensions: Each type of fan has different dimensions and clearance requirements. Some CPU coolers have low-profile designs that require very little space. You won’t have to worry about them blocking RAM slots or touching the case wall. However, such designs are extremely bulky. Before buying one, make sure your case has ample clearance space.

Volume: As liquid loops run very quietly, you only need to consider the volume of fan cooling systems. If you have a lot of fans running at high speeds, your CPU will be fine, but the case will sound like a jet engine.

Choose a fan that is designed to run quietly if you wish to avoid this cacophonous fate. There are even some models equipped with automatic fan stop technology that turns them off when not in use.  Noise isn’t a huge factor for gamers who use headphones, but if you prefer to listen to standard audio, you should consider the fan running volume.

RGB: RGB means Red, Green, and Blue colors. LEDs emit millions of different shades by combining different levels of these three primary colors. Similar to Marmite in the world of PC gaming, people seem to either love or hate them. Customizing your case with RGB fans lets you add some personality to it. If you sync your RGB peripherals, you can create mesmeric light sequences that can make gaming even more intense and captivating.


 It is recommended that you choose one of the above coolers if you have recently purchased an Intel i9 9900k processor and are trying to find the best CPU cooler for the Intel i9 9900k processor. A CPU cooler can be purchased at a lower price for those with a lower budget and at a higher price for those with a higher budget.

 It is currently the fastest, most powerful, and most reliable processor available on the market, which is the Intel Core i9 9900K. It is important to get the latest processor regardless of whether you are a professional gamer or a casual user. Because of its high-end features, the device tends to heat up quite quickly when it is used. The primary requirement for preventing this issue and ensuring that your device continues to operate at its best is a CPU cooler. The top best CPU coolers for the i9 9900k have been discussed above along with their advantages and disadvantages. To get the best performance out of your computer, I recommend that you choose one of these options.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you air cool an i9?

At stock settings, the Intel i9-10900K isn’t a scorching hot CPU at 125W, so decent air cooling will suffice.

Is air cooling better or liquid cooling?

Air coolers are quite effective at removing heat from the CPU, but they also disperse heat into the case. The system’s overall temperature can be raised as a result. The fans on the radiators in liquid coolers do a better job of transferring heat outside of the system.

Does i9 9900k need liquid cooling?

Intel’s i9-9900k is a powerful processor. As it produces much power, it can overheat frequently, so you need a cooling system to compensate for the heat. The liquid cooling capabilities are an alternative to traditional fans, particularly in heavy-duty applications.

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