There are numerous gadgets, smartphones, and watches today, so standing out can be challenging. The Q18 Smartwatch is made by the relatively unknown Chinese company QC. This Smartwatch offers a lot for a reasonable price. This topic will focus on the Q18 Smartwatch Review for 2023.

You can do many things on it (apart from checking the time) that regular watches cannot. Bluetooth and NFC technology allow you to connect with your Android or iOS device. You can watch videos, listen to music, send and receive e-mails and SMS, receive and make calls, and browse the web.

First Look – Q18 Smartwatch Review

Firstly, it has quite a low-resolution screen, but it has a couple of watch faces that you can switch by simply tapping on. You must manually download the wallpapers through the Android and iOS apps because most of the wallpapers don’t look good.

The watch has a speaker on the front, and we have a camera on top. On the camera’s right side, you will find the microphone to the left of the power button. 

The left side of the watch has a charging port, so you take the cover off and connect the device to the battery, which is a 500 milliampere battery that lasts the entire day, but you would have to charge the watch behind the cover for the second day.


Here is a new smartwatch clone by Qi, the iQi Q18 Smartwatch. This watch has four color options: China red, cool gray, grass green, and yellow. It is made from zinc alloy and has a thin body. This wearable also has a silicone strap with a two-tone design and a quick-release buckle for quick and easy strap changes. Due to its band and body design, it has a sporty appearance and a relaxed, trendy feel.


The first thing you’ll notice in Q18 Smartwatch is its 1.54″ curved edge LCD capacitive display, which has a resolution of 240×240. It is equipped with a 0.3 MP video camera to shoot videos and take still images.

This Smartwatch has a 2.5D display, 1.54″ TFT color screen, and touch key functionality. Its vivid colors, intuitive menus, and resolution of 240×240 pixels provide a sharp and clear display that looks premium.


The battery capacity of this Smartwatch is 190mAh, and it has a third-generation high-performance battery that lasts seven days of use and 14 days on standby. Overall, that’s decent battery performance.


When using the camera, you simply point it wherever you want and take a picture. The pictures are saved in the gallery once you take them. Due to its cheap nature and clone status, it has poor camera quality.

Any files on the SD card can be seen in the file manager, including photos, music, etc. A notification center will appear on the home screen when you get notifications on your phone.

It is possible to use a radio app if you feel bored, but it cannot be plugged in with headphones, so it is useless. However, you can take videos and record them.

Q18 Smart Watch Specifications

A Mediatek MTK6260 CPU powers it clocked at 360MHz with 64MB of RAM and 132MB of ROM. You can insert a TF media card with up to 32GB capacity if you need more storage for media consumption.

Besides NFC and Bluetooth 3.0, the device supports inserting a GSM SIM card and making calls utilizing their capabilities. The Q18’s battery is a 500mAh cell that allows it to last through a full day of usage, depending on how you use it.

Q18 Smart Watch Features

You can use this device to control your smartphone and camera and communicate with it in real time. If you are exercising outside or playing sports, you can use this product to measure how many steps you take each day to make it to work or to calculate how many calories you burn while jogging or playing basketball. A great and intelligent anti-theft system is included in the Q18. With the smartwatch Q18, you can also make calls with this Smartwatch using your SIM card since it supports SIM cards.

Your watch will sound an alarm if it is separated by 10-15 meters from your phone, allowing you to find it easily when it has been stolen or lost. In addition, the sleep monitoring app is also worth noting since it gathers data about your movements, knows when you are in deep and light sleep, and sounds the alarm accordingly.

Product Description

  • Features pedometer analysis, selfie, sedentary reminder, sleep monitoring, anti-lost, remote picture-taking, Bluetooth connection, music player, hands-free call, call sync, MP3 audio player, Bluetooth music playing, and a variety of information.
  • Messaging, QQ, WeChat, Facebook, etc. synchronization.
  • A capacitive touchscreen with high sensitivity allows users to enjoy a good touch experience.
  • It features an elegant 2.5D entire arc capacitive touch screen that feels good to watch.

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The Q18 Smartwatch is a smartwatch device. In terms of design, the Q18 Smartwatch won’t win any awards, nor will it be a “must-have” for every technology geek. Q18 is a durable and convenient watch aimed at a typical consumer. Nowadays, you cannot go wrong with this smartwatch/smartphone hybrid if you spend this much money. You can purchase this Smartwatch if you need a wrist gadget on a budget. So this was all about the Q18 Smartwatch Review in 2023.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to change the wallpaper on Q18 Smartwatch?

You can change the wallpaper of the Q18 Smartwatch from the settings.

How to install apps on Q18 Smartwatch?

You can’t download apps on the Q18 Smartwatch.

Is the Q18 SmartWatch waterproof?

Yes, the Q18 SmartWatch is waterproof.

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