Pubg Buildings Not Loading Fix

Gamers from all over the world reported that player unknown battlegrounds buildings not rendering and textures aren’t displaying correctly when they land on the ground. This is a technical error that causes the game graphics to look terrible when a player lands on the ground. You must have encountered this glitch if you play PUBG on regular basis. You Don’t need to worry since this article discusses PUBG Buildings not loading fix and PUBG buildings not rendering fix in PC, Xbox, and mobile version of this game.

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What is the reason that PUBG Buildings don’t load?

PUBG buildings not loading fix
Credit: u/mitchstanton, Reddit

PUBG has many large maps, such as Erangel, Vikendi, Sanhok, and Miramar. All of them contain a lot of buildings. The buildings in PUBG are important because they contain loot, which is what you need to win and eat your chicken dinner. The texture glitch is the most frustrating thing when you land on the ground.

There are numerous reasons why this occurs. The most common reason is that the game cannot read game files from your hard drive or you have less than the minimum amount of RAM required by PUBG on your computer.

The problem of player unknown battlegrounds buildings not rendering can be quickly resolved by lowering your graphics settings from 1080p to 720p, but sometimes it doesn’t get fixed by this method. However, the good news is that this problem can be easily fixed by altering and tweaking your PC. Please take a look at the suggested fixes below.

Pubg Buildings Not Loading Fix Methods:

Below are a few of our most tried and tested methods that have proven helpful for many gamers. I hope these methods will help you to solve this glitch.

  1. Turn Off Nvidia Shadowplay Software.
  2. Disable AMD Radeon Software.
  3. Tweak and modify the distance in-game file.
  4. Install the latest graphics driver.
  5. Delete and install the game.
  6. Add more ram to your PC.
  7. Install your game on Solid State Drive (SSD).
  8. Check if your computer meets the minimum requirements of the game.
  9. Scan for viruses on your PC.

1. Turn Off Nvidia Shadowplay Software

This is a simple possible fix for Nvidia graphics card users. If you have an Nvidia graphics card, you should have installed Nvidia ShadowPlay. By following these steps you can disable Nvidia Shadowplay.

  1. Go to your main desktop screen by closing all applications
  2. Open Nvidia GeForce graphics software
  3. After launching the software, select the general tab in the left menu.
  4. Save the settings and close Nvidia GeForce software.
  5. Restart your PC and test the game.

2. Disable AMD Radeon Software

AMD Graphics Software can cause problems sometimes while gaming, although it is not a very important method. Sometimes disabling AMD Graphics Driver can fix the problem. You can easily disable this software by these simple steps.

  1. Go to the main desktop screen.
  2. Go to the lower right corner of the screen and click “Show Hidden Icons”.
  3. Right-click on AMD Graphics Software and click on quit.
  4. Refresh the screen and test the game.

3. Install the latest graphics driver

Several problems such as game stuttering, low frame rates, and other glitches are caused by outdated graphics card drivers. To solve this problem, you’ll have to update your drivers of graphic cards. Here’s how to update graphics card drivers.

Visit your graphics card’s drivers website to download and update your graphics card’s drivers.

Nvidia Graphics Card users visit this link.
AMD Graphics Card users visit this link.
INTEL chipsets users drivers visit this link.

Once the graphics card driver download is complete, simply install it and restart your computer and test the game again.

4. Delete and install the game – Fix PUBG Rendering Issues when Landing

The PUBG rendering issues when landing error can occur while the installation of this game on your PC. You should try to fix this problem by deleting the whole game file and reinstalling it on your PC. This is the simple possible way of PUBG textures not loading glitches

No need to worry you still have few more fixes to try if the problem doesn’t resolve after reinstalling PUBG.

4. Add more ram to your PC – PUBG Buildings Not Loading Fix

The RAM (Random Access Memory) is a volatile memory that stores data on a short-term basis. RAM can enhance game performance by increasing frame rates (FPS). You should upgrade your ram if you have less than 8 GB. You need at least 8GB or more ram to run PUBG PC on your computer. 

If you want to know how much RAM your computer has available, right-click the “This PC” icon on desktop and select properties. This window appears after you click on properties. Here you can see how much RAM your computer has:

Pubg Buildings Not Loading Fix

5. Tweak and modify the distance in-game file

Also, a way to fix this glitch is to edit and tweak the distance setting in GameUserSettings.ini file.  You need to take the following steps to fix this glitch:


  1. Open “This PC” and follow this path:
    AppData\Local\TslGame\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor GameUserSettings.ini.
  2. Open the GameUserSettings.ini file.
  3. Press CTRL+F and search the text ViewDistanceQuality=1.
  4. Change the ViewDistanceQuality=1 to ViewDistanceQuality=2.
  5. Save the file and restart your pc.

After this, launch the game again and the issue should be fixed.

6. Install your game on Solid State Drive (SSD)

The PUBG PC requires approximately 30 GB of hard drive space. The PUBG PC has a lot of files that need to be accessed quickly, which is possible with 8GB of RAM and a Solid State Drive (SSD). SSD (Solid State Drive) drives are much faster than HDD (Hard Disk Drive). A hard disk drive uses moving disk heads and platters to access data. Solid state drives are newer, faster storage devices that store data on faster accessible memory chips. A solid State Drive is way faster than Hard Disk Drive. So I will recommend you buy a new SSD and install PUBG PC on it. You’ll get better results if you install the game on your SSD.

By following the steps in this link, you can change the PUBG game’s directory from your hard disk to an SSD if you downloaded it through Steam.

7. Compare your PC Specifications with PUBG Minimum Requirements

PUBG is a high-end game, consuming about 30GB of your disk space. This is a well-detailed game with outstanding graphics and larger maps. If your PC does not meet the minimum requirements for this game, then you will not be able to play this game at a stable frame rate, and may also experience many glitches like textures disappearing. The following are the minimum system requirements of PUBG PC.

CPUIntel Core i5-4430 / AMD FX-6300 Processor
Memory (RAM)8GB
GPUNVIDIA GeForce GTX 960 2GB / AMD Radeon R7 370 2GB
Disk Space30GB
Operating System (OS)Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 – (64-bit)

You can check your PC specifications here:

  • On the lower left side of the taskbar, click Start Menu.
  • Search for “DXDIAG” from the start menu.
  • The new window will appear and you’ll see your PC’s specifications there.

8. Scan for viruses on your PC – PUBG Buildings Not Loading Fix

Many games experience texture glitches because of viruses on your PC. Viruses can fill up the memory of your computer, so eventually, the game will slow down. 

Make sure your firewall is activated and your antivirus is set to active scanning. Always get the best antivirus available. Stay away from useless antivirus ie Norton and McAfee.

After installing a good and working antivirus on your PC, Simply open it and scan for viruses. You will be informed if any viruses are detected, and it will simply kill them for you. After this, restart your PC and try the game.

PUBG Buildings not Loading Xbox – Fix

It’s not only PC gamers who are having issues with PUBG rendering when landing and PUBG map loading slow. XBOX players too are experiencing PUBG Textures not Loading issue. Since it is a console, you can do only a few things to fix this problem. The following fixes will surely solve PUBG textures not loading issue:

1. Free up Hard Disk space on Xbox – PUBG Buildings Not Loading Fix

Sometimes this error occurs due to low disk space on your hard drive. Go to ‘My Games & Apps‘ from your home screen to check your Xbox One console’s current hard drive space. You will see details of the storage space of the internal hard drive on the left side of the screen. If you see your Xbox space getting low, delete some stuff that’s not used anymore. It will surely fix PUBG buildings not loading Xbox issue.

2. Lower Xbox Display Resolution – PUBG Buildings Not Loading Fix

PUBG is an advanced game with good graphics and a huge size of 30 GB. That could be a fix for buildings not loading in PUBG. You can lower your Xbox resolution from here:

  1. Press the Xbox button
  2. Choose Profile & System from Settings.
  3. Under General, go to TV & display options.
  4. Select 720p from the Resolution drop-down menu

3. Install SSD in your Xbox – PUBG Buildings Not Loading Fix

Hard disk is slower to operate, sometimes this texture problem occurs because of it. My recommendation is to purchase an SSD for your Xbox. SSD is much faster than Hard Disk Drive, SSD performs every function efficiently and effectively. Get a good SSD from Amazon or from a good online marketplace. Install the game on your SSD and you’ll notice higher frame rates than the fps you used to get on a hard drive.

You can buy a good Intel SSD here:

128GB Intel SSD Click Here.
256GB Intel SSD Click Here.
512GB Intel SSD Click Here.

How to Fix Rendering Problem in PUBG Mobile Emulator – Gameloop

PUBG MOBILE is played worldwide on the Gameloop emulator. The texture rendering problem affects PUBG emulator users as well. In the PUBG Mobile emulator, you may experience many performance issues. The main reason behind this rendering issue in PUBG Mobile Emulator is “Cache Memory”. In our system, we have “Operating System Cache Memory” and “Application Cache Memory”. After the latest update, the Cache Memory is getting filled very fast due to high detailed graphics. This is simple PUBG Mobile buildings not rendering fix.

To fix this texture issue in PUBG Mobile emulator, try this method and follow each step:

Step 1:

In the first step we will clear our “Operating System Cache”.

  • Go to the search bar then type ” %APPDATA% ” and hit enter.
  • Click and open “local” then go to the “cache”.
  • Select the “cache” folder, and delete the “qtshadercache” files.

or you can navigate to this path “This PC” > “Local drive (C:)” > “User” > “your username” > “Appdata” > “local” > “cache” > “qtshadercache”.

Step 2:

In the next step, simply search “%Temp% ” in the search bar, hit Enter, and delete all the files in the “Temp” folder.

Step 3:

In the third step, go to “This PC” > “Local drive (C:)” > ”Program Files”> ”txgameassistant” > ”ui” > ”shader cache” and delete all the files in the “shader cache ” folder.

Now go to temp folder of the game then navigate to “Txgamedownload” > “Component > “UI” > “Setup” > “Shadercache”, and delete all the files from this folder.

Step 4:

In this last step, simply uninstall the Microsoft C++ Redistributable packages, then reinstall them and install the latest version of DirectX.

I hope this method will help you to solve the PUBG mobile rendering issues when landing on Gameloop emulator.

PUBG Mobile Textures not Loading Fix

The first time PUBG Mobile launched in 2017, a lot of bugs bothered the players. The most frustrating issue was that PUBG textures not loading after a character landed on the map. A player might become trapped in a building, wall, or another element of the map due to this issue.

Since PUBG launched, it has certainly improved a lot, but the issue like PUBG Mobile texture glitch persists even for those who play PUBG Mobile and it is still the common issue for many players. In case you are wondering how to fix PUBG mobile rendering problem, then you are in the right place.

Move PUBG to Internal Storage

A majority of PUBG mobile gamers install PUBGM into MicroSD cards due to its massive 4GB size, which is completely wrong because micro sd cards provide a slower speed than the internal storage of mobiles. to fix PUBG Mobile rendering issues when landing just transfer the game from microSD card to internal storage of mobile. It should solve the PUBG mobile rendering problem.

Optimize the Graphics Settings for PUBG Mobile

The graphics of PUBG Mobile are exceptionally good, similar to those of Call of Duty and other AAA titles on mobile devices. Flickering and texture rendering problems are common with these titles. We recommend running PUBG Mobile at its lowest possible settings if textures are not loading. Click the Graphics tab in the Settings menu. Turn off Anti-Aliasing and set the graphics to Smooth for best performance and disable shadows and auto-adjustment of graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Why do my buildings not load in PUBG?

The problem is that your system does not have enough space to hold the game. PUBG requires only Steam to run and all other programs should be closed or restarted. The issue of buildings not loading will usually be resolved by restarting your computer and only running the PUBG game in Steam.

2. How do you fix buildings not loading in PUBG mobile?

Our recommendation is to run PUBG Mobile at its lowest settings if textures aren’t loading in. Click the Graphics tab in the Settings menu. To boost performance, set the Graphics to Smooth and turn off Anti-Aliasing.

3. Why is my PUBG mobile so slow?

It’s best to restart your device once before playing and to clear the cache. Connect your device to a stable Wi-Fi connection instead of playing games over mobile data. For a smooth experience, go to battery settings > open battery saver > and click on no restrictions.

4. Which VPN is best for PUBG?

  • Nord VPN
  • ProtonVPN
  • Hotspot Shield
  • Surfshark
  • Express VPN

5. How can I speed up PUBG mobile?

  1. Download the GFX Tool app.
  2. Open GFX Tool and grant the necessary permissions to GFX Tool (root is not required).
  3. Set the settings for 60FPS gameplay. Choose 0.6(GP). Set the Resolution to a lower value than your default option (we recommend 1280×720)


I hope you are able to load PUBG buildings after applying one of the above fixes. This issue is common in PUBG PC and its version of Consoles and Mobile. Well, this game has extremely great graphics and massive size, that is why these bugs are common. If you like this PUBG Buildings Not Loading Fix article, please share it with your friends who are experiencing the same problem. You can also read the article about Nvidia Shield vs Steam Link here.