Although it is too late to write a blog post about the differences between JTAG and RGH in 2023, some people still do not know the difference between these two Xbox 360 versions. So today, I’ll explain the main differences between JTAG and RGH.

The topic of hardware hacking is fascinating. Hacking is changing hardware to do something it was not designed to do. There are many ways to modify the Xbox 360 hard drive, including replacing the operating system. One method is called RGH (Running Games from Hard Drive). Another method for modifying your hard drive is JTAG (Joint Test Action Group).

What is JTAG

A “JTAG” is an Xbox that uses the SMC exploit in the gaming community. This exploit forces the 4532 kernels to reboot. A bug in the hypervisor was exploited to run unsigned code in this kernel using the KK exploit (King Kong). An SMC exploit is a faster version of a KK exploit (in that they boot faster) and can run unsigned code.

In comparison with the original boot time, booting is almost unnoticeable faster. You’ll need a NAND reader and two diodes to apply the patches to the Microsoft Xbox motherboard’s NAND (firmware).

The XBOX 360 motherboards are modified using JTAG. This modification allows you to play backup copies of games from a USB flash drive or even from the 360’s hard drive.

Therefore, you can keep the original game discs safe and unused for resale without throwing them away. However, this modification cannot be done online without getting banned.

Boot time for JTAG Xbox 360

The estimated boot time of the JTAG Xbox 360 is 1 minute.

What is RGH

The RGH, or the Reset Glitch Hack, is a method that allows unsigned code to run.

As explained by free60:" In our experiments, we found that sending a tiny reset pulse while the processor is slowed down doesn’t reset it; instead, it changes how the code runs, and it’s a very efficient way to make sure the bootloader’s memory functions always return “no difference.” In many situations, memcmp is used to compare the bootloader SHA hash of the next bootloader to the one stored to allow it to be executed if the hashes match. So as a result, we can place a bootloader that fails the hash check in NAND and glitch the previous bootloader to allow the bootloader to run, allowing almost any code to run."  

In the battle of RGH vs. JTAG, the RGH hack requires a “glitch chip,” which will send the signal. Examples include Infinity Mod’s Matrix, Digilent’s Coolrunner-II, Team-Xecuter’s Coolrunner, and SoulHaven’s.

These chips contain Xilinx chips, which can send the signal fast enough for the glitch to work correctly. Because RGH can run unsigned code without updating the dashboard, you can run two or more NANDs, allowing you to run retail code on one and unsigned code on the other.

Boot time for RGH Xbox 360

The RGH is not as precise as JTAG. It sends each signal to the CPU after a certain period, known as glitching. This can take a long time. It can sometimes take only two glitches 10 seconds for the console to boot, but it can also take up to three *four minutes, particularly on slim motherboards made after August 2011.

JTAG vs. RGH: Which Mod is Better?

The significant difference in JTAG vs. RGH is that with an RGH, you can constantly update your console and go back to modified firmware at any time, whether by dual NAND or re-flashing. RGHs perform the same job as JTAGs, but they have a few advantages over JTAGs. On the other hand, RGH can be tricky and challenging to use. It can be tricky to put your console back together. If a screw is too tight, the console won’t boot.

In addition, the significant difference between JTAG and RGH is that you can play multiplayer games online on RGH, whereas you cannot do so on the JTAG version of Xbox 360.

Only pirated games can be installed on your Xbox 360 Jtag version and played offline. The RGH version of Xbox 360 allows you to download and play pirated games online. 

Final Words

Although it is too late to write a blog post comparing JTAG and RGH by 2023, many people are still unaware of the differences between these two Xbox 360 versions. If I had to choose between RGH and JTAG, I would choose RGH. Among the pros of the RGH is that you can go online and play pirated games on your console, whereas with the JTAG, you cannot. The console will be banned after four hours if you try to go online in JTAG. I think it is better to buy an RGH/JTAG modded Xbox 360 in 2023 because the online support for Xbox 360 is over. These are the main differences between JTAG and RGH.

Frequently Asked Questions

Difference Between JTAG and RGH

Ultimately, they are the same console. When an RGH console boots, it is no different from a standard Jtagged Xbox 360. The Jtag protocol could be used on consoles with a dashboard no higher than 2.0.

Is JTAG illegal?

Yes. You are usually banned within four hours of connecting a Jtag box to Xbox Live. This is because they are used to create ‘modified’ lobbies for Live games, as well as run homebrew software.

According to an article from Tech Game dated March 13, 2013, “Having RGH console is completely legal”. However, using it for free games, modifying gameplay, etc., is illegal. A JTAG/RGH/DEVKIT can do a lot more than just modify online/offline gameplay.

Can you JTAG Xbox 360 with USB?

You cannot “JTAG” an Xbox through USB. “JTAG” is a set of pins located on the console’s motherboard for the purpose of flashing its chips with new firmware.

Can you chip Xbox One?

Due to the country’s piracy laws, it is illegal to hack or chip into a paid gaming system.

What does JTAG mean?

JTAG stands for Joint Test Action Group.

What does RGH mean?

Due to the country’s piracy laws, it is illegal to hack or chip into a paid gaming system.

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