The year 2020 was a big win for Online Poker. New Jersey reported a 118% increase in revenue, while Pennsylvania doubled its online casino gaming revenue in April. Furthermore, online poker searches surged five-fold last March. The World Series of Poker (WSOP), one of the world’s biggest poker tournaments, is set to return to live venues this year, but many other poker events are likely to remain online this year.

WSOP’s inaugural online tournament last year proved that it is possible to host professional and amateur competitions over the internet while keeping the stakes and the excitement high. This article about Best Online Poker Computer Setup surely helps you to build a good PC for an online poker tournament.

Most games played on PC are classified into three general categories: MMOs, adventure games, and competitive online shooters. Indeed, these are some of the most popular gaming categories today. The PC gaming community is among the most dedicated and active, but there are few poker enthusiasts.

Players of PC poker may spend hours playing in tournaments, and they need to feel comfortable and focused on performing well. Here are the things you’ll need to set up a gaming computer if you’re interested in playing at a more competitive level. Read this guide carefully, then. You will be able to build the Best Online Poker Computer Setup.

Get a baseline of your current setup’s performance first.

You can’t just buy parts to build your competitive PC setup. The first step is to assess what you have and what you need. Before creating your shopping list, consider downloading SpeedFan if you have a PC application. This tool can check your PC’s internal parts and see how they perform while you play.

You should test your PC by playing casual games, as this will give you a good idea of its capabilities. Don’t let your PC crash mid-tournament. You can then purchase the rest of this list more efficiently. These points will help you to understand better How to Set Up Your Computer for an Online Poker Tournament.

Ensure your Processor is at least 2.5GHz

When choosing a processor or CPU, you need to look at the base clock labeled with GHz. In the current market, quad-core devices are widely available at an affordable price. Check the numbers and make sure you aren’t going below 2.5GHz.

Your PC’s ability to run efficiently without overheating will determine how well it can handle your operations – you certainly do not want your system to fail during a critical step! AMD Athlon 200GE or** *Intel Core i3 9100*** are reliable budget processors for online poker setup. Make your best online poker computer setup with one of these processors.

Get Yourself Enough RAM

The 16GB of ram is a must for the best online poker computer setup. Regarding RAM, you shouldn’t go below 8GB ram for your computer for online poker. Having 16GB of RAM is a safe and solid base point to keep multiple tabs open and run multiple applications simultaneously without worrying about your PC slowing down or crashing.

As long as you get the same generation and frequency, which the packaging always specifies, you can upgrade RAM down the road. To run many programs and play games, consider a DDR4 pair of Corsair Vengeances or a DDR3 pair of** *Kingston HyperX Fury***.  

Buy a Good and Reliable Hard Drive

You do not want your computer to freeze mid-game due to a failing hard drive. Purchase reputable brands like SeagateWestern Digital, or Toshiba for long-term use. According to Howtogeek, common signs of a hard drive failure include constant PC freezes, loud noises during regular use, or corrupted data. You should have at least 1TB of storage and room for your operating system and updates. 

Get a Second Monitor

This is a good idea if you want to keep notes or other lobbies open while playing your game. A single big display can only take up a certain amount of screen without sacrificing resolution or readability, so consider getting a second monitor instead. Having two monitors is particularly useful when multi-tabling or playing two tournaments simultaneously.

Several studies by Fujitsu Siemens show that multiple monitor setups can significantly boost productivity, so it’s not bad. Here, you can also read the guide about the 7 Best 144Hz Gaming Monitors Under 200 Dollars.

Since poker games don’t require a lot of processing power to render, you should be able to get by with any video card with at least 512MB of memory unless you plan on streaming.

Use Ethernet instead of wifi

The stability of your internet connection will make a big difference if you’re going to play in a tournament online. Instead of using Wi-Fi, get an Ethernet cable and connect your computer directly to your router. In addition to peripherals, the power supply, and the motherboard, this list covers the essential components to consider. Once you’ve completed those steps, you should be all set to play your next online poker tournament.

Get Reliable Gaming Peripherals

While playing online Poker matches or Poker tournaments, gaming peripherals are essential for reliability and ease. The most important thing when playing poker is to feel comfortable, so it is important not to let your back hurt while doing it. Here are some things you should buy before playing an online poker tournament.

Get a Gaming Chair

The gaming chair trend may have resisted many people, but it is becoming increasingly evident that they are here to stay. Racing seats are usually supportive in all the right places, so they’re comfortable for extended periods. If your back aches, you will lack energy and concentration. Feeling comfortable is vital because you will not have to deal with that. The bottom line is that these chairs offer comfort, flexibility, and support you won’t find in any other furniture. Those benefits are invaluable for long hours playing poker tournaments on your PC.

Get a Gaming Mouse

You will need the best mouse for online poker. Aside from your chair, your mouse needs to be highly comfortable. Your entire poker session will be spent in contact with your mouse. A gaming mouse is an excellent addition to your online poker setup. Make sure it is wired and not wireless and that it is LED or laser and not a ball. You won’t run out of power at the wrong time; they’re more accurate. Some mice have programmable buttons that can be set to raise or fold, reducing fatigue.

Get a Mechanical Gaming Keyboard

You’ll only need a keyboard if you use a desktop computer. You may think you can get by with a cheap one from your local supermarket. Although online poker players won’t overly rely on a keyboard, a good gaming keyboard with mechanical buttons is the way to go.

As a rule, mechanical keyboards tend to last longer and have more profound and defined keystrokes, which is excellent when entering bet amounts and wanting them to be accurate. Hotkeys on gaming keyboards allow you to set up key combinations to do things such as fold your hand, switch tables, or move all in, allowing you to play multiple tables easily. So this was everything about How to Set Up Your Computer for an Online Poker Tournament.


You can play online poker on any computer or tablet, even if you’re just a casual player who plays a few hands now and then.

If you’re a serious online player, you’ll need to pay attention to your setup, as top players can easily log 500,000 hands over the year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much RAM do I need for online poker?

!–StartFragment–>It is Important to install 16GB of RAM on your computer for an Online Poker is ideal for your online poker setup. To avoid potentially disastrous crashes, you’ll need enough RAM if you plan on running multiple browser windows and heads-up displays (HUDs).

Is running online poker illegal?

As part of the Safe Ports Act, the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 (UIGEA) was passed. Due to the fact that only sports betting was covered by the Wire Act, it did not define “illegal Internet gambling”. It is not illegal to play poker on the Internet for money under federal law.

Is online poker software rigged?

There is no rigging in online poker in general. Poker sites have a financial incentive to maintain the integrity of their games. Nevertheless, some poker sites that are smaller have legitimate concerns.

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