Gamers are very concerned about their keyboard, and they should be. After all, it’s one of the prime factors that will help them improve their performance. However, whether blue switches are good for gaming is a question that every individual has to ask himself once in his life. 

Blue switches are noisy; some websites rank them as one of the best, but we think otherwise when it comes to gaming. Let’s dig into the topic of are blue switches good for gaming or not.

Are Blue Switches Loud?

Blue switches are a type of mechanical keyboard switch that is known for their tactile feedback and audible “click” sound when activated. This can make them well-suited for typing, but may also make them loud in a quiet environment.

They may not be the best option for gaming, as the audible click can be distracting to other players and the tactile feedback may not be as necessary in gaming as it is in typing. Additionally, loud noise may not be desired for gaming in a shared space.

Why Do People Not Like Blue Switches?

Blue switches, known for their snappy tactile feedback and resounding “click” sound, may not be the top pick for those seeking a more discreet typing experience. The audibility of blue switches can be a dealbreaker for some, causing them to opt for quieter linear switches, such as red or brown, that offer a stealthy typing experience. But for those who savor the satisfying clack of a mechanical keyboard, blue switches may be the ultimate indulgence.

How Are Blue Switches Not Good For Gaming? 

In our opinion, blue switches can be one of the worst choices when you are a professional or even a regular gamer. Their noise and quality are not worth going after. 

You want your experience to be smooth and easy. The problem with blue switches is that they create too much noise, and thus, it might disturb someone; even if not, the quality is another big issue. 

Let us break down why blue switches can be such a big problem 

Less Efficient 

Compared with other switches like Red Switches, black switches, or even yellow switches, blue switches is always the last one to go for. The biggest problem is that they lack efficiency. 

A gamer needs a fast and efficient response from his keyboard, which is different from what these switches provide. Technically, most websites have ranked these switches only for normal day-to-day use because of their satisfying sounds in jobs like coding or writing. 

When it comes to gaming, the purpose is reversed and vice versa. 

Less Noise, More Action 

Who wants disturbing sounds when playing a game? Some might even say yes, but the problem will occur when you are playing an online game and making these bumpy sounds. No one can focus on one specific task. Let it be any game GTA, CS, Valo, or even COD. If you are an online gamer, these switches will create problems. 

You might even ignore these sounds, but if your mic is on, your teammates will kill you first and then the enemies. 

Shooting Games 

Last but not least, their last problem would be with shooter games. In general, blue switches are designed in such a way that they can send a message to the owner whenever the key press is registered, and this message is in the form of a bump. 

It all looks great, and a hacker kind of feeling like you are performing any task, but when it comes to shooting games and focusing on enemies' footsteps. This setup will give you severe headaches and laughs from your teammates. 

Keyboard Switch Suggestions For Gaming

Here are some 3 switches that you can use for competitive or normal gaming. They might be more expensive than normal blue switches, but gamers require quality, and that’s what you are getting here. 

Red Switches

Red Switches are the best choice for gamers. They are a little bit more expensive than these blue switches, but their quality speaks for their price. You can easily press the key with almost no noise at all. The best part is its response time is within some seconds or so. 

Black Switches

Another great option is black switches as they require less force and power to press the key. They aren’t much higher in price so they can be a great option for all dedicated gamers. Their input speed is also quite impressive. 

Yellow Switches

You can also opt for yellow switches. Comparatively, they aren’t better than red switches, but their smoothness makes them a great option. Easy to use, smooth to click, and less budget makes them a good option for gamers.


So, instead of making your fun go for something decent and a bit better. We understand that budget is why people go with blue switches. If you have waited for some days or months, then why not a little more to get the best quality? 

We hope this article has answered your question regarding whether blue switches are good for gaming.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Blue Switches expensive?

No, Blue switches aren’t expensive at all. Since they are designed for office use, you can easily get within $50-100 depending on the quality.

Are Blue switches bad for gaming?

Yes, blue switches can be one of the worst choices when you are getting one for gaming. Their noisy and slow input speed is what makes them the last choice to go after.

Are Blue switches durable?

It depends. If you are going to use them for office use then yes, they are designed for this purpose. 

However, if you are going to play some games and smash the button hundreds or thousands of time then you might face problems frequently.

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