PC gaming is a passion that hundreds of thousands of people dream of but can’t afford to pursue it. While many of us earn money by working day and night, there is still a way to help you download any big online or offline game for free.

Let it be RDR2, GTA V, COD, Forza, or anything. The best part is that none of these sites will be full of spam links or harmful viruses. So, without further ado, let’s get into the best places for downloading PC games.

5 Best Sites for Downloading PC Games For Free

  • Ocean Of Games
  • Fitgirl Repacks
  • Dodi Repacks
  • All Games A to Z
  • Battlenet

Ocean Of Games

ocean of games gaming website

As can be guessed by its name, Ocean of Games has any PC game you want. However, there might be some limitations, as if a game is banned globally, you might not be able to access it.

Moreover, let it be a multiplayer or story-based game, you can easily access it on Ocean of Games.

Fitgirl Repacks

fitgirl repacks website

Similarly, Fitgirl repacks have a massive variety of games, and you can choose a game of any genre, depending on your choice. Just know that the downloading process will be very different and may be difficult for some users.

Although, it can become really easy once you have done roaming throughout the whole site. It only feels slightly odd initially, as you aren’t used to it.

Dodi Repacks

DoDi Repacks gaming website

One of the most famous sites for downloading PC games is Dodi Repacks. The reason is that their interface is straightforward to understand, and you can find almost any match in the world, regardless of its release date, on the site.

Moreover, the website doesn’t charge a single penny to its users. Like Fitgirl repacks, you need to make sure you disable the antivirus; otherwise, windows won’t allow you to download any such content from unknown websites.

AllGames AtoZ

Another excellent site for downloading free games is All games A to Z. There is no doubt that this game has a massive variety of collections, and you can easily pick your favorite one. There is a collection of more than 30,000 games on this site. So, we can say that All games A to Z is a site that has all your favorites.

However, downloading those games won’t be easy as you must pass through various advertisements and captchas.


Battlenet gaming website

Despite its fewer PC games, battlenet is still a great option if you want to download them faster. People love it because it’s secure and safe to use.

You don’t need to turn off your antivirus, and you can still download the game. The interface is straightforward; even a newbie or a beginner can easily understand what’s going on and download the game.


Many people are afraid that downloading free games will make them compromise their privacy. This is false and biased, as downloading free games has nothing to do with giving away your privacy.

However, you must take some safety precautions, like not wandering on unnecessary links or advertisements, because that can mislead you. Otherwise, everything will be totally fine.

We hope that this article has helped you with downloading free games and you can also fulfill your dreams.

Asad Malik
My name is Asad Malik, and I have done my intermediate in Computer Science, and I really enjoy finding out about the newest tech products, buying them, and writing reviews on them.